gender: ugly


Why do you keep saying that?!

Heteronormativity in action.


“do you think”
image"she knows"
image"I’m gay"

The ground beneath me changes. Grass rises from the concrete and sways in a wind I cannot feel. A green sky replaces the exposed pipes above me. I listen for the birds and feel my fear as a distant thing, a hammering heart and a squeezed chest, but not something that exists in my mind. Tobias told me to figure out what this simulation means. He was right; it isn’t about the birds. It’s about control. Wings flap next to my ear, and the crow’s talons dig into my shoulder. This time, I do not hit the bird as hard as I can. I crouch, listening to the thunder of wings behind me, and run my hand through the grass, just above the ground. What combats powerlessness? Power. 

Dude, that’s complex.

And under here, Hedwig”—Harry pulled open a door under the stairs—“is where I used to sleep; You never knew me then— Blimey, it’s small, I’d forgotten… .” 
Harry looked around at the stacked shoes and umbrellas, remembering how he used to wake every morning looking up at the underside of the staircase, which was more often than not adorned with a spider or two. Those had been the days before he had known anything about his true identity; before he had found out how his parents had died or why such strange things often happened around him. But Harry could still remember the dreams that had dogged him, even in those days: confused dreams involving flashes of green light and once—Uncle Vernon had nearly crashed the car when Harry had recounted it—a flying motorbike..

The suit and I are one.


*tells friend good news* 

friend: “yeah but…” 


"When you’ve lived in someone’s shadow for a long time, you can get used to it. You have to. Especially when it’s someone who’s so perfect and so beautiful. We accept that some birds are high flying birds, and other birds are not, but that doesn’t mean they can’t fly together.”

Orphan Black new Season 2 Trailer [x]